Thursday, October 1, 2009

Halloween Fright Night!!

It is October!! That means there is only one month to plan your halloween costume and your scary parties!! Halloween is that one day a year where you can dress as ridiculous as you want and no one is going to make fun of you! In fact they may think that you have the coolest costume or are hilarious for dressing up and using your creativity.

Many people have halloween party since, let's face it, we are a little too old to be trick or treating!

If you are planning on going to a party, here is a great idea for a group costume! The flinstones!! Not too scary but definitly fun!

Jack O Lanterns are a big tradition and should be found lit up on everyone's doorstep.

(photo source)

Decorating the outside of your house will tell people that you are in the spookly halloween spirit. This scary spider is perfect!

(photo source)

Putting some spooky gravestones in your yard will really get the fright going!

(photo source)

And if you plan on throwing your own party, here is a great idea for a cute themed invitation that you could use!

Invitation from Custom Paper Creations.

Hope these ideas help and you have a spooky Halloween!

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