Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding at Sunset

I sat here tonight looking outside at the beautiful sunset and was thinking about how gorgeous it would be to get married outside right at sunset.

(photo source)
Everything could be put outside with a beautiful natural background.

(photo source)

There could be a gazebo placed with the sunset behind it with delicate clothe blowing in the breeze.

(photo source)

Just imagine the possibilities for having an outdoor wedding. You can decorate however you want with as little as you want since there are so many natural decorations that you would have there!

Choosing a Wedding Dress

Are you having a hard time choosing a wedding dress because everything out there is just too expensive. Now days you can get a wedding dress from a dept store and it can still be perfect for your special day. It will also be cheaper!
Both of these dresses are from Nordstrom's and are under $200.

(photo source)

Also, if you have a flower girl and don't want to pay for a dress that is so expensive for something that she is only going to wear once and grow out of really fast, then you can also check out the dept stores. A lot of stores have dresses for 1st communions and other things that would work perfect for a flower girl.

These dresses are from JC Penny and are only $40.

(photo source)

So when you are looking for your wedding dress or flower girl dress remember tha you can always check out a dept store. You could also check out these stores for bridesmaid's dresses as well. The only problem with that is that you won't be able to get all the dresses in the color you are looking for. But otherwise, it is another option! Happy Searching!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pea in a Pod Baby Shower

A cute theme for a baby shower is to do the Pea in the Pod. This is the theme used for this shower! Check out how cute everything is and how it was all tied together!

For this baby shower invitations were sent out that had a Pea Pod stamp.

Invitation from Custom Paper Creations

Fo r this baby shower these are the cute decorations that were used. Actual dried peas were put into vases with a candle on top.

Favors were given away, which were placed around the room so they also played as decorations during the shower. Each party guest got their own pot that had pea seeds in it so they could grow their own pea pods. Favor from Custom Paper Creations.

Vases that had pretty pink roses were also used. Here is a pictures of how cute all the decorations looked together!

On the desert table, cupcakes that had colorful frosting were made. The name of the little pea pod on the way was made with candles stuck in the cupcakes.

There are many games that can be played at a baby shower. At this particular shower, people had to guess what kind of baby food there was by tasting and/or smelling the different kinds.

Guests also guessed the size of the mama to be's belly by cutting yarn to the length that they though her belly was around. Not a single guest guessed too small!!!!

The third game that was played was baby price is right. Baby products such as diapers and books, and toys etc. were placed on a table and the guests had to guess how much they thought each of them cost!

There are many cute ideas you could do for a shower. This pea pod themed shower was really cute and fun to tie everything together! The colors that were used were also the colors that the mama to be had chosen for the bedroom for her little pea pod on the way!

Dirty Dancing

On this day August 21st, in 1987 the greatest movie of all time was released! Since this is my all time favorite movie I have to pay a little tribute to it!
That movie would be Dirty Dancing!!

(photo source)

I know all the words to this movie and absolutely love it!

Too bad Jennifer Grey got a nose job and no one recognizes her anymore!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect Wedding cake is important to a lot of brides. They want to make sure that they pick out the perfect cake for their colors and themes. Each of these cakes are completely different but all beautiful in their own way.
This cake could be used for a fun summer wedding. This bride chose bright pink and green frosting for her special day.

This cake could be chosen for a more sophisticated style. The cake is very geometrical and the different amounts of color on each tier really adds to the cake.

(photo source)

This bright blue cake is gorgeous and is more artsy. A bride who has a lot of details in her wedding may chose this cake. The flowers on the top also give it a nice touch!

(photo source)

Some couples have a groom's cake. These cakes usually reflect something that the groom is interested in. This cake is an original Nintendo and shows a fun side of the bride and groom. These cakes allow couples to be more creative and have fun with their ideas!

(photo source)

Other couples chose to not have cake at all. Have cupcakes is a trend that a lot of brides go with. This particular bride used cupcakes and an assortment of other candies. This allows a variety for the guests that may not enjoy cake.

(photo source)

Every bride wants something different for her special day. And each of these cakes are gorgeous and show an array of different styles.

So for you brides that are deciding on your wedding cake, have fun with it and choose the perfect cake for your perfect day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Planning Mayhem

I am sure for all of you who have planned a wedding know that everything does not always go smoothly.
When planning my wedding my biggest issue was with the vendor that I ordered my wedding dress, my bridesmaid's dresses and the tuxes from.

At one time my husband went in with his mom to pick out the tuxes that they were going to get and he was shown the colors of the vests wanted to know if the vest would match the dresses. The lady who worked there went on to tell my fiance details about my dress and how I had chosen one with color on it. I was furious. I hadn't told my fiance anything about it! I called and complained.... well the manager talked to the lady that told my fiance the details and called me back to tell me that my fiance had lied to me. EXCUSE ME! They didn't want to take the blame and said that my husband had asked and pushed for details.

I had also gone into the store many times and tried on the dress that I had chosen. My bridesmaid's were going to wear a green dress with a black ribbon around it. I had been in to try on the dress with each of my bridesmaids so 5 different times.... plus. And each time the workers asked me what color I was going to get and I said green with black ribbon every time. Well when the dress came in the dresses were green with green ribbon.

After we ordered our dresses and it came time to pay for them I had a bunch of coupons that I had gotten from a bridal fair, which had been put on a couple months earlier by the place where I was purchasing my dresses from. I had one coupon for every bridesmaid and one for myself. They were all different. Some were $10 off some were $5.

When I went to use the coupons, they were only going to honor some of them. They said they all had different expiration dates. They all came from the same place on the same day. I was so mad that my dad actually called in and they ended up letting us use all the coupons. I was getting 6 dresses and 9 tuxes from there that weren't really expensive but expensive enough and they were worried about $5 or $10.

When our tuxes came in, the called me to verify that what they had received was what I had ordered. They asked if I had gotten ties and I didn't I had gotten button covers. Then they asked about each of the guys sizes by name. Some of the names were correct and others were not. So who knows what wedding they were reading me but it wasn't mine.

So when I went in to see the tuxes I wanted to see every single one. They only come in like 3 days before the wedding and I wanted to make sure that they had actually ordered what we asked for, for the people that were actually in our wedding. They were going to show me all of them except the grooms so it would be a suprise. I was like no I want to see ALL of them. They already told him about my dress, I wanted to see his tux (which I actually had already seen him in). They agreed when they saw how mad I was. I am pretty sure they all knew who I was because I had been in there so many times complaining.
So for all of you out there that get bad wedding vendors, don't worry, because it will all work out. Even though I went through so much with the dresses and tuxes I got what I wanted and my day was absolutely perfect!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Wedding at the Golf Course

I had my wedding in the summer and had everything with 2 colors. I wanted everything to flow together with my color scheme.
My dress was white with green on it and the bridesmaids were green with black ribbons. The Groomsmen all had black tuxes with white pinstripes and silver vests. To tie in with the green they had green pocket squares.

The groom wore white with grey pinstripes and of course had to match the ring bearer!!

I chose bright pink flowers and added a cala lily becaues I absolutely love them! The pink flowers were Gerbera Daisies and roses. I had yellow flowers in my bouquet and the maid of honors bouquet as accent colors and to make ours a little different.

The altar flowers matched but had a few extra flowers like the pretty stargazer lily!

The invitations that I chose and made myself were also green.

I had a reception card that had a black bow on it and then my RSVP card was just plain green. This invitation can be found at Custom Paper Creations.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby Milestones

All of you with children out there know that when your baby is little things can change every day.
My daughter is 3 months today and she rolled over for the first time! She also did it a second and third time when I put her back on her stomach.
According to baby center this happens around 2-3 months when the baby can hold their head up.
My little girl is pretty good with her head but she has a few bobs here and there. This experience was so much fun!! And I can't wait to see more new things as she gets older!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Christmas Cards

Well we are really excited to begin creating Christmas greeting cards!
Christmas is my favorite time of year and it seems like it is starting earlier this year. We will be attending a craft show sometime in November. It is so much fun coming up with new Christmas designs!

Here are some examples of what we have done so far!
This unique Christmas card uses paper holly leaves that are held on by holly berry brads.

A cute penquin and snowflakes have all been embossed with a pretty snowflake ribbon accent in this fun card.

This traditional card has a Christmas tree that has been embossed on the front along with the saying "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" on the inside!

All Christmas cards from Custom Paper Creations
We will post more details about where and when we will be displaying our cards soon! If you would like to see other Christmas card designs we will post them on our website as they are created!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Planning a Fall Wedding

If you are planning on getting married in the fall there are some easy color themes you can chose from.

These Gerbera Daisies really show the beauty of the fall colors.

(photo source)

Being able to take pictures in the natural scenery matches any wedding perfect

(photo source)

Matching the bridesmaids dress to the scenery really adds. The arch in the background was hand made by the groom!

This cake looks like a birch tree and is accented nicely with the autumn leaves on the table.

(photo source)

The natural items you could use as fall decorations are endless. Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless when planning a fall wedding!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pretty in Pink Wedding

Deciding on your wedding color is one of the easiest things that you will have to do. Once you have chosen your color you will see the assortment of things out there that you will be able to chose from that will match on your special day!

Check out these pretty pink accents that could go along with your color scheme!

A simple cake is dressed up with simple pink roses.

Try having a creative center piece that would tie in with your colors, or go for the more traditional Centerpiece~

And don't forget about the invitations for your special day or events leading up to it!

Invitation from Custom Paper Creations

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Get a custom invitation for any occasion!

Check out our website to see what types of products we have to offer. We specialize in creating wedding invitations but can also create save the dates, programs, place cards and more. We can also do invitations for any other special occasion!

Let us know what you think about the website!

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