Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Egg hunts

Easter is right around the corner and all kids love to look for Easter Eggs filled with candy.  

One idea for looking for the Easter Basket filled with all the candy is to tie a string to the basket and then weave it around things in your house.  In and out of rooms and around things.  Then tie the string to the door of the the child's whose basket it is.  

Another idea is to give each child an egg with a clue in it, that will lead them to the next egg, and the next.  Some of the eggs along the way should have candy or small gifts in them and then the final egg would have a clue for a larger gift!  

Write the names of each of your children on an egg and have them search for just those.  It will be fun finding the eggs but only being able to keep some of them.  And the kids could rehide their other siblings eggs to make it harder so that they have to search more.  First one to find all their eggs wins!

 And of course there is the traditional egg hunt.  Where everyone searches for all the eggs until they are gone and then search for their easter basket!  

Searching for eggs is fun for kids, some like twists and some like doing something different so you can try some of these ideas to spice things up a little!

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