Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Picnic Wedding Reception

Summer is coming and what a perfect time to have a picnic themed wedding reception! These mini picnic baskets are perfect for little favors for your guests! And the candy chosen can match the colors of your wedding!

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A simple but cute way to have your utensils wrapped is to put a little flower and ribbon with each of them. Even though they are just cloth napkins and plastic forks it looks very classy!

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This couple had a cute little sign posted on the fence to welcome the guests. If there isn't a fence present a sign could be posted on a tree or a stake in the ground.

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To entertain guests, simple little yard games like croquet could be set up. On a perfect sunny day for a wedding who wouldn't want to be outside playing yard games! And to do it on someones special day would be perfect!

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Picnic wedding receptions are a nice and easy way to celebrate your special day. Everybody enjoys the outdoors and will have a great time!

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  1. A picnic theme wedding is just lovely! This is so unique. I believe it's more charming and engaging. The mini picnic baskets are good giveaways for guests.
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