Monday, March 22, 2010

To Veil or Not To Veil

This bride wore a veil that was tulle and had little white shimmer beads that were sew en along the bottom.

This veil cascaded down past the bottom of the dress. Since the fabric was organza the long veil fit really well and looked absolutely gorgeous.

This bride has a simple plain veil that fits perfectly below her updo.

This veil is for the bride that doesn't have as much going on with her dress. The edging is very pretty and would add a lot of detail to a more simple wedding dress.

Here is another cascading veil that has more detail. It look gorgeous in the back and fits really well with her fitted bridal gown.

And if you aren't sure of the whole veil thing or don't want to wear it all night you don't have to! This bride took her veil off right after pictures!

Cost saving tip: Buy a plain veil and add your own embellishments. The first bride was wearing a plain veil that that had beads hand sewen on to it. It cost roughly $25 for the veil. And for you brides out there who are looking at veils know that is a very good deal for a veil!

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