Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Planning Mayhem

I am sure for all of you who have planned a wedding know that everything does not always go smoothly.
When planning my wedding my biggest issue was with the vendor that I ordered my wedding dress, my bridesmaid's dresses and the tuxes from.

At one time my husband went in with his mom to pick out the tuxes that they were going to get and he was shown the colors of the vests wanted to know if the vest would match the dresses. The lady who worked there went on to tell my fiance details about my dress and how I had chosen one with color on it. I was furious. I hadn't told my fiance anything about it! I called and complained.... well the manager talked to the lady that told my fiance the details and called me back to tell me that my fiance had lied to me. EXCUSE ME! They didn't want to take the blame and said that my husband had asked and pushed for details.

I had also gone into the store many times and tried on the dress that I had chosen. My bridesmaid's were going to wear a green dress with a black ribbon around it. I had been in to try on the dress with each of my bridesmaids so 5 different times.... plus. And each time the workers asked me what color I was going to get and I said green with black ribbon every time. Well when the dress came in the dresses were green with green ribbon.

After we ordered our dresses and it came time to pay for them I had a bunch of coupons that I had gotten from a bridal fair, which had been put on a couple months earlier by the place where I was purchasing my dresses from. I had one coupon for every bridesmaid and one for myself. They were all different. Some were $10 off some were $5.

When I went to use the coupons, they were only going to honor some of them. They said they all had different expiration dates. They all came from the same place on the same day. I was so mad that my dad actually called in and they ended up letting us use all the coupons. I was getting 6 dresses and 9 tuxes from there that weren't really expensive but expensive enough and they were worried about $5 or $10.

When our tuxes came in, the called me to verify that what they had received was what I had ordered. They asked if I had gotten ties and I didn't I had gotten button covers. Then they asked about each of the guys sizes by name. Some of the names were correct and others were not. So who knows what wedding they were reading me but it wasn't mine.

So when I went in to see the tuxes I wanted to see every single one. They only come in like 3 days before the wedding and I wanted to make sure that they had actually ordered what we asked for, for the people that were actually in our wedding. They were going to show me all of them except the grooms so it would be a suprise. I was like no I want to see ALL of them. They already told him about my dress, I wanted to see his tux (which I actually had already seen him in). They agreed when they saw how mad I was. I am pretty sure they all knew who I was because I had been in there so many times complaining.
So for all of you out there that get bad wedding vendors, don't worry, because it will all work out. Even though I went through so much with the dresses and tuxes I got what I wanted and my day was absolutely perfect!!!

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  1. Oh, I can’t believe that you had such a bad experience with your wedding dress vendor. Well, when I got married I hired a popular planner of our city. The vendors he suggested were just amazing to work with. He also helped me in getting huge discount on one of best event venues Chicago where my wedding had been held.


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