Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing the perfect Wedding cake is important to a lot of brides. They want to make sure that they pick out the perfect cake for their colors and themes. Each of these cakes are completely different but all beautiful in their own way.
This cake could be used for a fun summer wedding. This bride chose bright pink and green frosting for her special day.

This cake could be chosen for a more sophisticated style. The cake is very geometrical and the different amounts of color on each tier really adds to the cake.

(photo source)

This bright blue cake is gorgeous and is more artsy. A bride who has a lot of details in her wedding may chose this cake. The flowers on the top also give it a nice touch!

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Some couples have a groom's cake. These cakes usually reflect something that the groom is interested in. This cake is an original Nintendo and shows a fun side of the bride and groom. These cakes allow couples to be more creative and have fun with their ideas!

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Other couples chose to not have cake at all. Have cupcakes is a trend that a lot of brides go with. This particular bride used cupcakes and an assortment of other candies. This allows a variety for the guests that may not enjoy cake.

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Every bride wants something different for her special day. And each of these cakes are gorgeous and show an array of different styles.

So for you brides that are deciding on your wedding cake, have fun with it and choose the perfect cake for your perfect day!

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