Friday, August 21, 2009

Pea in a Pod Baby Shower

A cute theme for a baby shower is to do the Pea in the Pod. This is the theme used for this shower! Check out how cute everything is and how it was all tied together!

For this baby shower invitations were sent out that had a Pea Pod stamp.

Invitation from Custom Paper Creations

Fo r this baby shower these are the cute decorations that were used. Actual dried peas were put into vases with a candle on top.

Favors were given away, which were placed around the room so they also played as decorations during the shower. Each party guest got their own pot that had pea seeds in it so they could grow their own pea pods. Favor from Custom Paper Creations.

Vases that had pretty pink roses were also used. Here is a pictures of how cute all the decorations looked together!

On the desert table, cupcakes that had colorful frosting were made. The name of the little pea pod on the way was made with candles stuck in the cupcakes.

There are many games that can be played at a baby shower. At this particular shower, people had to guess what kind of baby food there was by tasting and/or smelling the different kinds.

Guests also guessed the size of the mama to be's belly by cutting yarn to the length that they though her belly was around. Not a single guest guessed too small!!!!

The third game that was played was baby price is right. Baby products such as diapers and books, and toys etc. were placed on a table and the guests had to guess how much they thought each of them cost!

There are many cute ideas you could do for a shower. This pea pod themed shower was really cute and fun to tie everything together! The colors that were used were also the colors that the mama to be had chosen for the bedroom for her little pea pod on the way!

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